Transboundary Water In-Cooperation Network (TWIN) is a network of grassroots organizations, academic & scientific institutions, and individuals sharing our vision of clean water for all.


TWIN works to:


Promote Equitable Access to Clean Water

By mobilizing our network of communities, non-governmental organizations and scientific institutions, TWIN facilitates actions to make ensure transboundary water is clean and accessible to all.


Strengthen Cooperation and Collaboration Across Boundaries

TWIN engages and brings together stakeholders from all sides of the border to achieve our globally recognized goal of clean water for all regardless of political boundary.


Improve Public Health

Clean water is vital to human wellbeing, and TWIN works with communities and organization focused on cross-cutting social-ecological-systems to bring benefits to human communities and the ecosystem we depend on.


Encourage Ecosystem Services

Through understanding the ecosystem, we identify naturally occurring services that enable clean water for all.