Our Vision

Water is everything. We work to share it.


Our mission is to strengthen and mobilize existing organizational networks that work locally, nationally and globally towards ‘equitable and reasonable’ sharing water resources across borders.

TWIN is committed to addressing not only water scarcity but also the degradation of water quality from anthropogenic sources, and the growing impacts of climate change.

TWIN promotes co-operation and collaboration among all network stakeholders who have transboundary water challenges.

TWIN’s vision is to promote water cooperation among countries, regions, municipalities and villages that share trans-boundary water resources in ways that are equitable and reasonable for all stakeholders.

TWIN works to improve border relations, water use practices, water quality, ecosystem services, and public health on both sides of the border and to build resilience to climate change.

TWIN’s activities are committed to conforming to the values of all international conventions and treaties on equitable sharing of resources and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #6 that addresses the access to clean water.

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all
— United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #6
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